I am going out to a party, but I don’t want to go.
Even though there will be people there I know.
Everyone there will be looking at me.
How anxious I am, I can’t let them see.
People speak to me and I don’t know what to say.
I will embarrass myself before the end of the day.
My voice is shaky and my face is bright red.
I feel the beads of sweat all over my head.
My heart is racing and my mouth is dry.
There’s a pain in my chest, am I going to die?
My arms are aching and my legs feel like jelly.
I need a wee and I feel sick in my belly.
My breathing is heavy of that I’ve no doubt.
I feel dizzy and lightheaded I think I may pass out.
I’m living in a dream and nothing seems real.
I don’t want to live like this, I don’t like how I feel.
I tell myself i’m fine but I think i’m going mad.
I’ve been to parties before and they weren’t all that bad.
Its my negative thinking that makes me feel this way.
My life without social anxiety is for what I pray.